“Introduction to Incoterms 2020 rules” eLearning course

The online course is based on an eLearning activity that we have provided for several years as part of our Trade Tutor portfolio:

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Benefits of eLearning

Our course contains frequent interactions in order to focus the student's attention and check understanding.


Students can study at the time and place of their choosing – minimal disruption of working routines


Students can spread their learning over time, stopping and starting the course as necessary


Students can study at their own pace – a huge benefit where English is not one’s first language. Nobody need get “left behind”


The learning management system shows the activity and attainment of every student, giving everybody confidence that key learning objectives have been achieved.

Screenshots from the course


Price List

Prices are based on the number of student licences required.

All packages include a web-based administration console, allowing a manager to create student accounts, view student activity and attainment, generate reports etc.

Up to 10 students


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11-25 students


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26-50 students


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51-100 students


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Your administrators’ account will be set up within 1-2 working days.  (*) prices in euros and dollars are approximate.  For other student numbers, contact us. The course can be readily adapted to include your own content or policy notes, corporate branding etc.

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